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Divorce Legal Issues – Expert Advice

divorce legal issues can take up this laptop's entire hard drive and today's divorce help expert is here with answers

Today’s Expert Divorce Help – Divorce Legal Issues

There are tons of divorce legal issues to sort out – some obvious, some not so much! Knowing what matters, what doesn’t and how to navigate all of them is the topic of today’s conversation with our legal expert, Joana Stathi.

Divorce Squad asks our divorce help experts how the work they do can improve the divorce process and outcomes for you!

How does the work that you do impact the lives of women that are going through a divorce?

The work I do can impact the lives of women in various ways during the divorce process. I handle a significant amount of Restraining Orders, which are crucial to seek when facing abuse from your significant other. Restraining Orders permit for protection from the abuser. Further, the divorce process can be extremely difficult to emotionally navigate. I always try to connect my clients with therapists or life coaches to assist them keep a clear mind during the litigation. My goal is to always make sure my clients are set up for a successful future.

When does the work that you do take place? During the divorce process, after the divorce, or both?

As a divorce attorney I am focused on the divorce process from beginning to end. Sometimes, I even find myself assisting after the divorce if a judgment by the Court needs to be appealed or modified.

What 3 tactics can you suggest for them to move through their divorce with success?

First, I always stress to clients to have a strong support system during the process. This way they can have someone to lean on as the divorce process is often times a roller coaster. Second, it is always helpful to consult with a financial advisor. Having a better understanding of your current financial picture and what the future could look like puts you at an advantage when it comes time to negotiating. Lastly, understanding that the process is long, emotional, and not to panic can certainly aid to relieve the stress that majority of clients feel.

What pitfall(s) have you witnessed that our readers should know to avoid?

The biggest pitfall clients tend to fall into is wanting to litigate every small matter. I always advice clients to focus on the bigger picture and pick the battles worth battling. The last thing I want is for clients to incur unnecessary legal fees.

How would collaborating with you during/after divorce minimize the stress of the process?

I provide clients with a brief divorce 101 lecture so they can know what the laws are and what to expect. It is important for clients to understand what the law is with respect to division of assets, custody, and support. The more knowledge they have, the better prepared they will be which in return will alleviate the stress.

Interested in how Joana Stathi can help you manage all the divorce legal issues you need to address? Contact her today!