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Divorce and Selling the House- 5 Realtor® Tips

get 5 tips for getting through a divorce and selling the house even if you may miss this beautiful blue covered porch

Get 5 tips from REALTORS® when going through a divorce and selling the house.

We talked to an expert to get 5 tips or things REALTORS® wish people knew when managing the process of divorce and selling the house. Selling a home can be stressful for the average homeowner, without a divorce in the mix! There are many steps involved, from making the decision to sell, to picking the right REALTOR®, to preparing the home for marketing, to choosing the best offer, and finally, closing. Each step has its own unique challenges. Moreover, this stress can be compounded when the Sellers are a divorcing couple. But it doesn’t have to be. Below are five things your REALTOR® wishes you knew about selling or buying a house during a divorce.

1. Think of your REALTOR® as representing your house, as opposed to representing either you or your spouse. REALTORS® are neutral when it comes to divorcing spouses. When you think of your REALTOR® as a neutral third party who is representing the house, it is easier to see that each of you have the same interest: to get the house sold for the best terms possible.

2. Moreover, your REALTOR® wants you both to net as much as possible from the sale of your house with the best possible terms, so they are working in the best interest of both spouses equally.

3. Recognize that you may need to put money into the home to get top dollar. Your REALTOR® will suggest repairs and tweaks that will affect your profits. You are not making these repairs to appease each other. You are making the repairs so the home will debut on the market in the best possible light, thus getting you the best terms.

4. Do not use your house as leverage in the divorce because the delay caused by disagreeing with each other over matters concerning the sale could cause you to lose time and ultimately, profits.

5. Your REALTOR® understands that this process is full of emotion. It is a big deal! They totally get it, and we work hard to try to make their part as stress free as possible for both of you.

Though selling a house during a divorce can be stressful, by choosing the right REALTOR® and following their advice, you will get the best possible terms and have less worry. Getting through your divorce and selling the house for the most profit possible ends up a win win for all parties and that’s always a good thing!