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Divorce Advice – Health and Wellness

A healthy meal as suggested by today's expert divorce advice, health and wellness focused to give us a good advantage!

In today’s expert divorce advice – health and wellness considerations as you navigate this process.

The challenge of staying healthy during can seem daunting during the divorce process and today we are lucky to have some expert divorce advice – health and wellness focused from Dawn McGee. Let’s dive in and see what things we can consider and what we can learn from Dawn.

How does the work that you do impact the lives of women that are going through a divorce?
There are so many more things to take care of when you’re going through a divorce, but in order to take care of other people, you have to put the mask on yourself first, as they say. So when you feed your body, brain and soul, you will be more resilient.

When does the work that you do take place? During the divorce process, after the divorce, or both?
My work takes place before, during, and after the divorce. Because we always need to keep working on our health, even when so many other things are going on.

What tactics can you suggest for them to move through their divorce with success?
– Keep focus on their Eat, Move & Recharge Triangle of Health.
– Eating protein, fat and carbs every 3-4 hours
– Moving for 30 minutes a day
– Spending some time recharging – even if it’s just breathing with their eyes closed for 2 minutes, or locking the bathroom door and screaming for 2 minutes.

What pitfall(s) have you witnessed that our readers should know to avoid?
The biggest pitfall is putting themselves last, focusing on everyone and everything else besides themselves. Don’t do it – it won’t serve you in the short-term OR long-term

How would collaborating with you during/after divorce minimize the stress of the process and improve the outcome of a divorce situation?
When you’re feeding your body, you are better able to think straight, keep your cortisol levels down, and you’ll feel less stress. When you can think better, you’ll naturally have a better outcome. Plus, you’ll be setting a good example for your kids and you’ll feel so much better about yourself and your resiliency as you move out of your marriage.

Want to get more divorce advice health and wellness specific? Contact Dawn McGee today!