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Our five tips for helping children cope with divorce may prevent the forlorn look on this little girl's face as she examines a paper doll family.
Helping Children of Divorce
Suzanne Thelen

Helping Children Cope With Divorce

Learn five simple things you can do for helping children cope with divorce and to feel more stable in this new circumstance. There is so much for children to process as their parents separate, and on top of that, often their schedule is being impacted. If you’ve both moved, they

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A house split between a couple - learn what happens to a house in a divorce from one of our experts.
Divorce Advice From our Experts
Renee Guidaboni Coleman

What Happens to a House in a Divorce

What happens to a house in divorce depends on a few things – learn the two main issues to consider when working through this factor. Something that we hear a lot are people worried about what happens to a house in divorce settlements. Figuring out what to do with your

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Divorce Advice From our Experts
Susan Trotter

Top 10 Strategies for Coping with Divorce

Get these top ten super smart strategies for coping with divorce to help you get through the process with less stress. Coping with divorce can be challenging on so many levels, especially in terms of your emotions because of all the inherent loss and change. Understanding your emotions and developing

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A man looming over a woman in argument - learn some tips for handling divorcing a narcissist.
Divorce Advice From our Experts
Angelica Griegel

Divorcing a Narcissist – Seven Dos and Don’ts

Divorcing a narcissist can be a whole different process – get these seven dos and don’ts for making this process a little less challenging. Divorcing can be an emotionally and mentally draining experience. Divorcing a narcissist, with their manipulative tactics and self-centered focus, can make the process even more challenging.

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A serene space that you can achieve using our tips to declutter your home from a realtor.
Divorce Advice From our Experts

A Realtor’s Seven Tips to Declutter Your Home

If you are considering selling your home, you may want to see a Realtor’s seven great tips to declutter your home! Today O’Connell and Company, our Divorce Squad experts in real estate, are here to share tips to declutter your home in preparation for selling it – something that is

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Experiencing a divorce and the holidays doesn't have to feel a solitary as this single cup of cocoa in a winter scene - get our tips for a more happy experience.
Managing Divorce Stress
Suzanne Thelen

Divorce and Holidays – Getting Through It!

Experiencing a divorce and holidays can be stressful but today’s tips will help you manage it all with positivity. Getting through the holidays can feel stressful, even for those in happy marriage! The combination of divorce and holidays might make this time of year feel impossible to manage. With so

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