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Activities To Help Parents and Children In Divorce

Today we are sharing some activities to help parents and children in divorce spend some quality time together that won't break the bank!
a child engaged in one of our activities to help parents and children in divorce

Activities to help parents and children in divorce don’t all have to be extravagant!

A lot of times divorced parents feel all the activities to help parents and children in divorce have to be over the top “special”. Actually, normal activities and spending quality time with children during your divorce and after can have a hugely positive impact on the healing process and transition into a new normal. We shared a little about that here.

Here is a list of things you might consider doing with your kids to give them the attention they need (though it may seem like they don’t want it if they’re older). I individualize my one-on-one time based on the child and what his/her interests are.

1) Reading. This is my favorite because it ends up being focused, quiet time, usually in close physical proximity. If your kids are very young this is easy for them to agree to. If they are approaching later elementary years or middle school they may be opposed to it. But do what you can to encourage they sit and read to you or allow you to read to them.
2) Playing cards or board games. Chutes and Ladders for the littles, Monopoly for the olders. Cards for all. Sitting down at a table with no screen is a great way to spend time together.
3) Cooking. This requires patience with the littles and can be fun for the olders. If it seems too hard with the littles, make it easy on yourself. Pre-make those cupcakes and just invite them in to do the frosting/sprinkles 😊
4) Sports. I can barely catch a ball but that doesn’t stop me from going outside to throw a baseball or shoot some baskets. The kids get to make fun of my lack of athleticism, and we all do something outside together.
5) Go for a walk. During the Covid quarantine I purchased a set of scavenger hunt cards in which each kid needed to find whatever was on their cards. You don’t need to buy anything you could make them yourself….think of all animals, colors, shapes etc. you might find, write them down and go look.
6) Coloring. Have you colored any pictures recently? Very therapeutic. Highly recommend.
7) Cleaning. Okay I hate cleaning and this isn’t a fun one but even when your kids need to pick up their bedrooms it’s an opportunity for you to spend 10 minutes with them one-on-one and you can do your best to make it fun. Throw on a fun playlist to listen to and get it done.
8) Shopping. I’m not talking about big shopping sprees at the mall but the very necessary grocery shopping. If you have the ability, take one child only with you and have that be your special alone time.
9) Watch a series together. I recently began watching Gilmore Girls with my daughter and oh my gosh do we love it! It’s something special just she and I do together and we both look forward to it.
10) Watch whatever they heck they are into. I’m not huge into screentime but I’m not living in the stone ages and my kids want to watch YouTube and Tik Tok and whatever else. My son loves showing me what video game he’s playing, or will invite me to watch with him someone else play video games. You may not “get it” or have an interest in what is being watched, but by taking an interest in what he/she is interested in, you are showing that you value their interests which is what matters most!

These are just a few activities to help parents and children in divorce bond, be productive, or just plain goof off – maybe an “activity” can be holding a fun parent and kid dinner meeting and coming up with everyone’s favorites, giving you even MORE things to do that you can all enjoy together.

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